Int’l Contributions to Iranians Flood-hit People at a Glance

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TEHRAN, 14 June 2019 (IRCS) – Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, international humanitarian organizations as well as governments and private donors have supported the Iranian families and people affected by March and April floods through in-kind and cash donations.

The list of the contributions, which have arrived in Iran so far, are as follows:

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC): IFRC has launched an international emergency appeal seeking 5.1 million Swiss francs to expand Red Crescent support to an additional 30,000 families (equivalent to about 150,000 people)

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia & Government of Russia:

250 groundsheets, 4000 blankets, 40 tents

Government of Azerbaijan:

17 trucks of blankets, kitchen sets, bed sheets, tents, boats, water pumps, rescue vests, excavation machines, work uniforms, relief uniforms

Government of India (2 consignments):

First consignment: 3,500 blankets, 2,000 kg plastic sheets, 999 tents, canned food

Second consignment: 11,500 blankets, 3,201 tons of plastic sheets, 1,404 tons of canned beans, five tons of tea, four tons of dehydrated peas, 500 kg of potato flakes, 990 kg of fried onions, 1,500 tents, 5,000 boots, 10 tons of sugar, 10 tons of biscuits, 2.5 tons of canned food, 990 kg of dried garlic, 870 hygiene kits for men, women, kids

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA):

190 tents, 1,150 sleeping pads, 100 plastic sheets

Government of China (5 consignments):

First consignment: 2,600 waterproof tents

Second consignment: 1,400 tents

Third consignment: 400 tents, 20 diesel generators, 300 sewage pumps, 60 loudspeakers

Fourth consignment: 70 diesel generators

Fifth consignment: 100 boats, 600 tents, 10 diesel generators, 10,000 rescue vest

Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations:

301 food parcels

Pakistan (Public Contribution):

Iran Rls. 1.32 billion (31,420 US dollars) Cash Contribution

Government of Oman:

100 tons of food supplies, including rice, date, sugar, edible oil, tea, tents, blankets, etc. 10 boats

The Red Crescent Societies of the United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia:

2,500 food parcels, 292 tents

Turkish Red Crescent:

320 tents, 1000 bed sheets, 100 hygiene kits, 1,625 blankets, 360 kitchen sets, 60 lanterns

Government of Georgia:

300 water tanks, 200 water purification machines, 180 stretchers, 130 blankets, etc.

Government of Germany (through the German Red Cross):

40 boats, water rescue equipment

German Red Cross:

70 boat motor kits

Government of Slovakia:

30 tents, 144 blankets, 10 water-mud pumps, 8 generators, 65 flasks, 421 pairs of boots, kitchen sets

Government of the United Kingdom:

Nearly 13 tons of relief consignment (blankets, tents, kitchen sets)

Government of Italy:

5 generators, 200 tents, 5 boats, 300 hygiene kits, 1,000 bed sheets, 5 water tanks, medical equipment, etc.

Government of Austria (2 consignments):

First consignment: 2,000 blankets, 5 driven water-mud pumps

Second consignment: 1,000 hygiene kits

Fire rescue service of the Czech Republic:

Tents, blankets, generators, driven water-mud pumps

French Government and Non-governmental organizations:

114 motorized pumps, 210 tents, 4960 blankets, 274 kitchen sets, Supplying food and hygiene items from Iran markets worth 15,500 Euro

Kuwait Red Crescent (2 consignments):

First consignment: 40 tons of relief, food and medical items, 4 water drainage pumps

Second consignment: 40 tons of relief items (1,600 food parcels, 1,200 rice bags)

Sending two representatives to purchase food and non-food items worth Iran Rls. 4o billion (more than 952,000 US dollars) from local markets

Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (2 consignments):

First consignment: 2 water purifiers, 5 antiseptic kits

Second consignment: 5 antiseptic kits, 74 pumps, 16 electric engines, 9 water laboratories, 50 Chlorine production units

Iranian Hospital- Lebanon (Public and staff Contribution):

60,000 US dollars Cash Contribution, Blankets, clothing

World Food Program (WFP):

12,300 food packages

International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) Delegation in Iran:

100,000 euro cash contribution

Iranian physicians and engineers residing in Austria:

Health items, including antibiotics, medicines for heart, diabetes, antidepressants and other medicines

Iranian donor from Kuwait:

9 containers of blankets and clothing

Iranian donor from Turkey:

1,668 carpets

UNICEF (3 consignments):

Hygiene parcels

Iranians residing in China:

14 cartons of tents, blankets, groundsheets, clothing, carpets, slippers

Iranians residing in Hamburg, Germany (2 consignments):

Relief items

Furthermore, among the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, governments and organizations that offered cash contributions to the Iranian Red Crescent for the flood-hit families were Japan Red Cross (91, 515 Swiss francs), Netherlands Red Cross (113,926 Swiss francs), Hong Kong Red Cross (25,000 Swiss francs), Swiss Red Cross (500,000 Swiss francs), Canada Red Cross (189,403 Swiss francs), Croatia Red Cross (5,000 Swiss francs), Qatar Red Crescent (410,000 Swiss francs), Iraq Red Crescent (5,000 Swiss francs), the Government of South Korea (203,332 Swiss francs), European Commission (227,852 Swiss francs) and OPEC (OFID) (500,000 Swiss francs) have donated their cash contributions through IFRC’s emergency appeal. Due to the US sanctions, IRCS has not been able to receive these donations.