“Earthquake and Safety” Field Exercise Implemented in Schools

TEHRAN, 27 November 2019 (IRCS) – The 21st “quake and safety” field exercise was implemented in 110 schools of Iran and students practiced how to shelter in safe places and to render relief services when an earthquake occurs.

In Tehran, the Iranian capital, the exercise was held at the girls’ school of Ayyub Azad Hosseini on Wednesday morning, November 27.

The “Quake and Safety” field exercise was held in Tehran in partnership with the Iranian Red Crescent, Science, Research and Technology, Interior and Education Ministries, Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Tehran municipality, Emergency Medical Services and Fire department.

The exercise consisted of such parts as escaping danger, getting to a safe place, getting out of the rubble, taking the injured to safe places and providing first to the injured.

14,000 Iranian students in 110 schools across the country received the training.

“During the year, the Iranian Red Crescent holds Dadras National Plan to train students to learn correct sheltering, evacuation of schools and providing relief to the injured,” said Reza Bamda Asl, Head of the Iranian Red Crescent Youth Organisation, during the exercise. “In this exercise, the students show their abilities for disaster.” Dadras literally means preparing students for difficult times.