Dr. Faghih Open up Relief and Rescue Logistic Center in Southwest of the Country

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Coinciding with the last day of the Red Crescent week, the Relief and Rescue Logistic Center was kicked off in south west of the country by attendance of the President of the Red Crescent Society, Dr. Faghih in Ahvaz, Kohouzestan province on 14 May 2011.

“Last year nearly 10, 420 earthquakes shook the country, out of which the number of 137 happened with the magnitude of more than 4 on the Richter scale” Dr. Faghih said.

Pointing out to good preparedness on tackling natural disasters within the country, Dr. Faghih mentioned that the number of earthquakes prove that the country is prone to disasters and therefore for tackling probable risks we should always be prepared and on alert.