Distribution of 50.000 relief booklets in favor of Kermanshah earthquake affected people

from Iranian Red Crescent
Published on 19 Dec 2017 View Original

Fifty thousand relief booklets have been distributed by IRCS among earthquake affected people located in the province of Kermanshah and cash contribution will be donated from the public donations by IRCS to the families who have lost their familiy’s members during the earthquake.

Up to now, about IRR 600 billion of cash donation has been transferred to the IRCS bank account number in favor of the earthquake affected in Kermanshah province on Sunday, 12th November 2017. In addition to, the Iranian people provided the IRCS relief bases with 20.000 tons of food items.

“Public contributions indicating the people’s trust to the Iranian Red Crescent Society” Prof. Peyvandi, IRCS President expressed in a press conference which held on Monday, 18th December 2017. He emphasized that the IRCS is a humanitarian NGO and we will stay with affected people in these difficult days”.

Prof. Peyvandi added that the IRCS is planning to donate IRR 50 million from the public contributions to the head of the families who have lost their loved ones. Also, IRR 50 million will be donated to the earthquake affected families who have had a child from the time of earthquake occurrence to 10 days later.

Until the Nowruz holidays, the Iranian new year, three necessary living items including refrigerator, carpet and TV will be provided by IRCS from public contributions in favor of the earthquake affected families (approximately 15.000 families) which their houses have completely been destroyed in the earthquake.

“As 32 cases of 42 kinds of natural disasters are occurred in our country, we should be prepared to render our relief services in time of the each disaster‘s occurrence.” Prof. Peyvandi said.

IRCS President announced that 50,000 relief booklets will be issued for the earthquake-affected people in Kermanshah and continued that 72 hours and one-month food items have been distributed among the earthquake-affected families. The second phase of the one-month food baskets’ distribution will be carried out soon”.