COVID-19 response in the Islamic Republic of Iran, June 2021


IRAN entered its fifth COVID-19 wave in June 2021, as the Delta variant reached the country, with over 3.2 million cases and more than 84,000 deaths by the end of the month. As per the latest updates, 2,762 refugees had contracted COVID-19 by the end of June 2021, with 211 deaths reported both in settlements and urban areas. Iran, as one of the self-financing participant countries of the COVAX facility, received the second batch of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine with 1,452,000 doses manufactured by Catalent Anagni of Italy on 16 May. By end June, Iran’s homegrown COVIRAN BAREKAT vaccine had received the license for emergency public use, and a new production line for the vaccine was launched. Working closely with the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrant’s Affairs (BAFIA), UNHCR continued to provide emergency support to the Government of Iran’s COVID-19 response.