At Cities of Below Twenty-Five Thousand Persons Were Delivered Two Hundred and Seventy Thousand Units of Maskan-Mehr to Applicants

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Head of Housing Foundation of Islamic Revolution said: from three hundred and forty thousand constructed units of Maskan-Mehr at mentioned cities, so far, two hundred and seventy thousand units have been delivered to applicants. Tabesh expressed: till end of this year, also other forty thousand units of Maskan-Mehr should be completed and delivered to applicants at these cities. About reconstruction of affected by earthquake regions at last year earthquake at Dashtestan Township stated: at first, was approved amount of nine hundred and twenty billion Rials credits for reconstruction of Dashtestan affected by earthquake regions by the government that rate of eight hundred and eighty billion Rials assigned to available of Housing Foundation.

Tabesh informed about allocating of one hundred billion Rials new credit for completion of reconstruction at these regions.

The Governor of Boushehr said: at Dashtestan affected by earthquake regions, average progress is ninety percent. Salari added: form view points of sub-structures, all of reconstrcuions are complete and comprehensive but one of our demands and programs is execution of guide plan and rehabilitation at these regions.

Borazjan City is center of Dashtestan Township and has more than two hundred and thirty thousand persons. This region is one of prone to having earthquake and flood in Boushehr Province. Last year, earthquake as measuring of 5.7 at scale of Richter damaged to housing units and sub-structure installations too.