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China, India new Consignments for Flood Victims Arrive in Iran

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TEHRAN, 20 May 2019 (IRCS) – The governments of China and India have sent new consignments for the Iranian flood-hit people.

The government of China sent a consignment that contains 70 diesel generators.

The Chinese government had already sent three consignments to Iranian flood victims. The first two consignments included tents and the third consignment contained tents, sewage pumps, loudspeakers and generators.

India’s aid

Furthermore, the Indian government sent a consignment to the flood-affected households.

The consignment entails 11,500 blankets, 3,201 tons of plastic sheets, 1,404 tons of canned beans, five tons of tea, four tons of dehydrated peas, 500 kg of potato flakes, 990 kg of fried onions, 1,500 tents, 5,000 boots, 10 tons of sugar, 10 tons of biscuits, 2.5 tons of canned food, 990 kg of dried garlic and 870 hygiene kits for men, women, kids.

India had already sent a consignment to the flood victims, which included blanket, plastic sheet, tent and canned food.

Nationwide floods in Iran displaced tens of thousands of people and left 78 dead in March and April.

Turkey, Germany, Swiss, Kuwait, Japan, Armenia, Russia, France, Azerbaijan, Oman, South Korea, Georgia, India, Czech, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Austria, China, Slovakia and Malaysia have so far sent in-kind aids to Iran to support the flood-affected people.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has launched an international emergency appeal seeking 5.1 million Swiss francs to expand Red Crescent support to an additional 30,000 families (equivalent to about 150,000 people).

Iranians inside the country have donated RIs.1,580 billion (nearly 38 million US dollars) to the flood-affected people through the Red Crescent bank account and payment code.