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Aid to Iran, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

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Islamic Republic of Iran
In response to the Earthquake that hit the Iranian Republic on 31 March, the Society and after discussing the needs of the victims with the Iran Red Crescent, sent relief items to help save the victims of the earthquake. Among those items there were200 cartons of food provisions, 1000 tent, 4000kerosene stove, 500 generator, 1000 carton bottled water 3598 bag of rice, 3000 blanket, 5000 mat and 50 water pump with a total of KD 131,000.


Among the donations of the Society to the Pakistani Red Crescent to help the members of the society in their transportation among the camps erected by, KRCS was a 4 wheel drive Jeep Pajero vehicle and some food provisions constituting tea, sugar, oil and dried milk with a total of 33000 KD.


In contribution to the people suffering from cataract (eye disease) who are threatned with blindness the Society donated the amount of US$ 45,000 for eye operations. The amount was transfered on the 11th of April 2006.