WFP Indonesia Country Brief, October 2019

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On 10 October, the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) hosted an Annual Meeting to discuss WFP’s Country Strategic Plan (CSP) 2017 – 2020, particularly to identify progress, achievements and challenges in 2019.

On 30 October, WFP and the Ministry of Social Affairs organized a CVA (Cash and Voucher) Consultation Session which was attended by 35 participants from Government, donors, NGOs, INGOs and UN agencies.

Operational Updates

• The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) hosted a meeting on 10 October 2019 to discuss WFP’s Country Strategic Plan (CSP) 2017–2020, focusing on identifying progress, achievements and challenges in 2019. WFP presented a rice fortification case-study on a similar potential collaboration with the Government of Indonesia.

• WFP and the Central Bureau of Statistics conducted a second workshop on small area estimation for the Food Security Agency (BKP) on the development of the Provincial Food Security and Vulnerability Atlas (FSVA) 2019. The aim is to further assist the Government to target nutrition and food security interventions at the local level.

• WFP and the Provincial BKP (DPKP) facilitated FSVA capacity development workshops to train staff on FSVA data generation and mapping in 20 districts across East Nusa Tenggara.

• WFP and the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration conducted a joint advocacy mission on Progas (a government school feeding programme supported by WFP) to Rote Ndao district in East Nusa Tenggara.
The aim of the mission was to advocate for nutrition awareness to primary school children, the benefits of school feeding and the sustainability of the programme. The mission also facilitated policy dialogue between central and district governments to support planning and budgeting for school feeding.

• Through the Cargill Partnership, WFP facilitated preparation activities for Cargill-supported Progas schools in Minahasa Selatan, North Sulawesi. The activities included socialization of Progas at district and school levels and training of Cargill’s implementation partners.