WFP Indonesia Country Brief, December 2019

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On 10 December, WFP held a debriefing of the Nutrition Scoping Mission to present the nutrition landscape in Indonesia and define the role WFP could play in enhancing national nutrition interventions.

On 17-18 December, WFP held a Country Strategic Plan (CSP) evaluation workshop to present and discuss the findings from the CSP 2017-2020 evaluation mission. It highlighted the need for WFP to engage in policy level discussions in addition to the delivery of technical assistance.

Operational Updates

• WFP held a debriefing of the Nutrition Scoping Mission, with representatives from the Government, donors, state-owned companies, research institutes, and the Vice President’s office.
The debriefing gave these stakeholders a chance to reflect on Indonesia’s nutrition landscape while agreeing on the role WFP could play in enhancing national nutrition interventions. The meeting also highlighted the importance of strengthening nutrition-sensitive social protection.

• WFP fielded an independent evaluation on the CSP 2017-2020 to provide evidence and learnings on WFP’s performance. The evaluation team conducted data collection from August to September by interviewing various stakeholders including Government partners, UN agencies, academia, and the private sector. On 17-18 December, WFP organized the CSP evaluation workshop to discuss and refine findings and recommendations of the evaluation with the Government and other stakeholders. The review recommends that WFP focus on stronger policy-level engagement in food security, nutrition and disaster management. The evaluation provides direction for the WFP CSP 2021-2025 and will be presented to the WFP Executive Board in November 2020.

• Cargill’s Global Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Vice President visited WFP-Cargill's Progas Mandiri (a replicated school feeding programme) in Gresik, East Java. The initiative is part of the WFP-Cargill Partnership in 2019-2020 that supports the national school meals programme under the Ministry of Education and Culture. The visited school was the first Islamic school to have received Progas.

• WFP together with Cargill kickstarted a social media campaign titled Biasain Dulu (“get used to it”) that targets the urban working population in Jakarta with the aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition advocate Inge Tumiwa initiated the kick-off with a talk-show attended by 40 Cargill employees.