Victims Continue to Rise, 321 Died Due to Magnitude 7 Earthquake

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The number of victims due to the Magnitude 7 Earthquake and its aftershocks in Nusa Tenggara Barat continue to rise. The new incoming information, previously unreported by the local governments, increased the number of victims.

Due to the impact of magnitude 7 earthquake that struck Nusa tenggara Barat and Bali, until 10 August 2018 (D + 5), caused 321 people died, with the following breakdown: Lombok Utara 273 fatalities, Lombok Barat 26 fatailities, Lombok Timur 11, the city of Mataram 7, Lombok Tengah 2, and Depnasar 2 people. All the 321 fatalities have been verified. There are still unverified reports, therefore the number may still increase.

Displaced population at 270,168 people are scattered in thousands of temporary shelters. The number of displaced population will increase as not all data have been collected. There are reports that some displaced population in several areas are yet to receive assistance, especially in Sub-regencies of Gangga, Kayangan and Pemenang, almost all are located in isolated villages and hills. To handle this, since 9 August 2018 until now, distribution of relief items is using 3 helicopteres from BNPB and Basarnas. Distribution of assistance using land route still continues. These involve a lot of volunteers, car lovers community and any member of the community who own vehicle. There has been many public kitchen and health assistance posts to serve the displaced population.

Temporary data indicate 67,875 unit of houses damaged. Data collection is still ongoing. Satelite imagery analysis show massive building damage in Lombok Utara. Almost 75% of residential area damaged, partially and whole. This is because the area is closest to the epicentre and experience intensity up to VII MMI at its peak. Houses with weaker construction cannot resists the strong shaking and collapsed.

Physical damage include 67,857 unit of houses, 468 schools, 6 bridges, 3 hospitals, 10 community health centres, 15 mosques, 50 praying rooms (musholla), and 20 office buildings. These are temporary numbers.

Loss and damages due to the two earthquakes magnitude 6.4 and 7 in NTB and Bali is estimated at IDR 2 billion. Damages and loss include losses in housing, infrastructure, economic potentials, socio-cultural losses, and cross-sectoral. BNPB is still calculating the economic losses.

The Joint SAR team from Basarnas, TNI, Polri, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and volunteers are still performing search and rescue. The evacuation of victims continue. A landslide due to the magnitude 7 earthquake struck the Dusun Dompu Indah, Kayangan Sub-regency, Lombok Utara, causing the cliff to collapse. Four people was suspected to bury 4 people. One woman lost her husband, child, and one neighbour. The SAR team is still performing evacuation, but the terrain is hard and big. The soil is soft and prone to landslide. The operation could be dangerous for the search and rescue officers.

Assistance continue to come, from volunteers, logistics, and equipment. Hundreds of NGOs and community organisation are establishing assisting posts. Assistance were distributed straight to temporary shelters. Public kitchen and field kitchen were established. Logistics distribution involve staff from local government of sub-regencies and the village. In every sub-regency, the chief is requested to take directly the relief items in the command posts, and then distribute it to the local village chiefs, in accordance to the number of reported affected population of that area. Distribution of relief items are performed through the command posts, public kitchen, as well as from the staff of the local governments.

The public can get more information through the Emergency Response Command Post Call Centre at 0853 3863 9789 and 0859 6147 2837. The call centre of the National Assisting Post (Pospenas) is 0853 3365 6353.

For the Jabodatebek community who want to send relief items and aid they can send it trough the TNI Assisting Command Post at the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, Suma Building 3 VIP Room. The relief items will be transported using the TNI Hercules aircraft to Lombok. The number of the TNI Assisting Command Post is at: 0812 6790 682, 0812 3161 1998 and 0818 7264 089. Or it can be channelled through other humanitarian organisations.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho Head of Data Information and Public Relations Centre of BNPB