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USAID/OFDA East Asia and Pacific Newsletter - December 2010



USAID/OFDA Supports Early Recovery in Disaster-Affected Areas of Indonesia

As families continue to return to houses in volcano-affected areas of Indonesia, USAID/OFDA has expanded support for early recovery activities, helping to rebuild communities by assisting families in re-establishing their livelihoods and rehabilitating water infrastructure. From late November to early December, a USAID/OFDA Regional Advisor (RA) visited disaster-affected areas of Indonesia to monitor ongoing programs, as well as review priorities for early recovery activities in volcano-affected areas. Based on meetings with Government of Indonesia officials, relief agencies, and USAID/Indonesia, USAID/OFDA has focused early recovery support in volcano-affected areas on the rehabilitation of water infrastructure, distribution of tools for short-cycle crop cultivation, and provision of cash grants and support for cash-for-work activities to supply households with the resources to buy food and other critically needed goods.