Update on Mount Agung Activities 11 Dec 2017 (00.00-06.00 LC)

Activity Level: AWAS (Level IV)

Visual Observation :

The summit can be seen clearly, sometimes it was covered by fog. A 1000-2000 thin mid pressure colomn of steam can be observed from the northern, north-eastern, southern, and south-western slopes. Rays of fire can be seen from CCTV (Batulompeh). Effusive eruption slowly occured and was followed by a short duration of earthquake blow.


​Earthquake eruption : once.

Non harmonic tremor: occurred in 6 hours (with 1-2 mm amplitude, dominant 1 mm). ​

​Harmonic tremor: nil.

Earthquake blow: 14 times​.

Low frequency earthquake: 8 times.

Shallow Volcanic: 2 times.​

Deep Volcanic: 3 times.​​

Local tectonics: nil​​.


Dangerous area, no activity:

  • ​Within a radius of 8 km from the summit

  • In the South-western, Southern, South-eastern, North-eastern, and Northern sectoral as far as 10 km from the summit.​

Further information:

Please contact call center : +62 **361 234099 **or +62 813 5396 5324.

The information on the latest condition of Mount Agung can be accessed through:

Updates are also submitted via twitter account @BNPB_Indonesia

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Disaster Prone Areas (KRB) of Mount Agung can be accessed through:

Please contact call center: +62 361 234099 or +62 813 5396 5324.

For other information please contact KASBANI KA PVMBG (Monitoring/Observation of Mount Agung)