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UNTAET Humanitarian Pillar Situation Report 30 to 31 Jan 2000

General: A representative from the UNTAET Governance and Public Administration Pillar addressed the humanitarian agencies today. Among other issues, the Assistant DSRSG reported progress in negotiations with Merpati Airlines with two flights a week resuming between Dili and Denpasar; the reconnection of the fixed line telephone system in East Timor; the UNDPs strategy for clearing roads to facilitate coffee exports from Ermera District; and the successful opening of the border control, customs and immigration service over the weekend.
INTERFET is continuing its hand-over to the UNTAET Peacekeeping Force with an official hand over ceremony taking place in the Eastern Sector tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Oekussi: In the enclave, a forensic team, comprising four CIVPOL officers, one anthropologist and one pathologist arrived in Passabe today for an expected 10-day investigation. Security in the enclave is moderate to low.

Shelter: The USS Juno delivered over 400 MTs of shelter materials and non food items for UNHCR to the Oekussi/Ambeno enclave. This shipment will be complemented by another barge shipment to the enclave with materials for an additional 1,000 shelters within the week. A third barge will deliver materials for 1,000 shelters to Com.

Returns: No organized movements took place on 30 January. On 31 January, a total of 23 persons were transported from Betun to Faholulik. A further 146 persons were transported from Atambua to Batugade, Dili, Atabae, and Mobara. A total of 123 persons were transported from Nain to Passabe in the Oekussi/Ambeno enclave. Currently, 37 persons are awaiting secondary transportation from the Dili Transit Centre to Viqueque and Los Palos. The total number of returnees now stands at 133, 649.

Agriculture: A vet from the Australian quarantine department has been identified in Dili and will travel to Viqueque tomorrow to gather samples for laboratory analysis of the cause of over 60 buffalo deaths in the Delor sub District of Viqueque. Manufahi has also reported a suspected bacterial infection in some of its buffalo heard. As well as requiring differential diagnosis, the local vet recommends a vaccination campaign, while in Baucau, the local vet also reported the first buffalo deaths.

Health: It has been reported that an Australian woman of East Timorese origin who visited East Timor recently for a week, died three days after returning to Australia of what is believed to be dengue haemorrhagic fever. WHO has distributed information for detection and immediate treatment methods for dengue haemorrhagic fever to all health NGOs working in East Timor.

Property has been identified and authorised by UNTAET to house the National Central Warehouse for drugs. Together with four regional warehouses, this facility in Dili will become the central drug warehousing and distribution point for all health facilities in East Timor. UNICEF will support the rehabilitation of the building. The first shipment of drugs will be donated by JICA.

Logistics: On 29 and 31 January, WFP helicopters transported a total of 17.9MTs of beans and maize to Soilesu and Obulo. The WFP barge transported 201 MTs to Carambella. A total of 107 MTs were distributed by road to Liquica and Maubisse.