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UNTAET Humanitarian Pillar Situation Report 26 to 28 Feb 2000

Returns: As of 28 February, 146,600 persons have returned to East Timor from West Timor, other parts of Indonesia and Australia in an organized fashion by air, land and sea. On 25 February, an IOM land convoy repatriated some 596 persons from Atambua to Batugade. On 26 February, a total of 60 refugees arrived in Dili from Sydney via Darwin on an IOM-chartered plane. IOM also transported 90 persons from the transit centre in Dili to Hatulia, Turiscai and Baucau. On 28 February, IOM provided transport assistance to some 294 refugees travelling from Atambua to Batugade. Secondary transportation was provided for 121 persons returning to Ermera District and for seven persons to Viqueque. The Atambua/Batugade convoys have been more problematic following attacks on IOM and UNHCR staff and vehicles on 21 and 22 February. The Indonesian military have now provided increased security for the convoys, and there have been no further attacks, some delays have been experienced. Due to the increased tension in Atambua, the UN /IOM facilitated family reunion at Motaain scheduled for 26 February was cancelled.
Health: In the Ambeno enclave, IMC has established a clinic in Sakato near Oecusse and has initiated health lectures at the Oecusse Hospital. The Jordanian Battalion in the enclave is currently assisting with the construction of a health clinic in Passabe.

Infrastructure: Over the last two weeks, the Jordanian Battalion has conducted a number of road repairs on the western road leading to Citrana, Baqui and Passabe and plans to place road signs in key locations in the near future.

Education: The number of students in primary schools around the country has risen to 129, 544. Currently these students are taught by 5,954 teachers bringing the student-teacher ratio to 1:22 up from 1:20 in January.

Some, 1200 MTs of building materials to refurbish an additional 200 schools have been ordered by UNICEF. UNICEF has received an extra 600 "school in a box" kits and 200 blackboards and blackboard paint. These materials will be distributed in the coming weeks to those schools which had not been registered at the time of initial distribution (January) and to schools which did not receive enough materials. A supplementary distribution of 33,264 notebooks, pens and pencils to Manatuto, Liquica and Ainaro will be completed by 3 March.

Agriculture: Following on a recently reported shortage of rice seed in the Maliana area, CARE is currently purchasing and trading for rice seeds in Cova Lima District, which has started to be delivered to World Vision for distribution in Bobonaro where the deficit was reported. Up to 20 MTs of rice seed will be distributed.

The Agricultural Department of UNTAET and FAO will co-chair the agriculture committee meetings. The general policy of the UNTAET Agricultural Sector will be presented on 29 February. FAO and UNTAET Agricultural Department staff is actively working on post emergency project proposals for quick impact projects involving immediate benefit to communities and employment generation.

Logistics: Between 21 and 28 February, WFP helicopters delivered 90. 26 MTs of maize, beans, pulses and vegetable oil to Gildapil, and Ames (Bobonaro District), Leorema (Liquica District) and Obulo (Ermera District). Overland WFP convoys delivered 180 MTs of food to Maliana, Aileu, Baucau and Gleno. The WFP barge, the "ET Carrier" shipped some 300 MTs of maize, rice, beans, oil, including 40 pallets of goods for UNICEF and 20 pallets for OXFAM to Oecusse and Betano.