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UNTAET Humanitarian Pillar Situation Report 08 to 09 Feb 2000

Situation Report
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General: At the hight of the rainy season, access to some of the generally hard-to-reach districts is becoming more difficult with increasingly deteriorating road conditions. In addition to Covalima District, which was cut off last weekend at the Beco river crossing near Zumalai, a major bridge spanning the Bebar river has collapsed in Uatolari, a sub-district of Viqueque, cutting off access to Viqueque as well as making access to Los Palos more difficult. Emergency repairs to roads are ongoing by INTERFET, however substantial infrastructure repairs to roads and bridges can only be implemented following the end of the rainy season. The Asian Development Bank is currently on mission in East Timor working closely with the UNTAET Infrastructure Unit to identify key areas of rapid intervention.
Although access around Viqueque is becoming increasingly difficult, reports indicate a visible increase in economic activities around Viqueque, with a growing number of stores being re-established by returning entrepreneurs. Basic goods are said to now be readily available at reasonable prices.

Returns: On 8 February, 158 persons were transported in IOM chartered trucks from Atambua to Batugade. Secondary transportation provided to IOM for returnees travelling to Maliana, Balibo, Babonaro, Same, Turiscai, Dili and Baucau. On 9 February, 28 persons returned from Darwin to Dili on two IOM-chartered planes. A sharp increase in the total of returnees was noted today, with 1,080 persons transported on IOM-chartered trucks from Atambua to Batugade. Secondary transportation was provided to returnees travelling to Liquica, Atabe, Mombar, Dili, Ermera and Manatuto. Currently, 426 persons are awaiting transportation from the Dili Transit Centre facility to their homes of origin. The total number of returnees to East Timor from West Timor, other parts of Indonesia and Australia now stands at 136,800.

Shelter: A ship carrying shelter materials for UNHCR is due to arrive in Com harbour on 10 February. This will allow for the continuation of the distribution of shelter materials in Lautem District by UNHCR's implementing partners, IRC and Concern. Over the past two weeks, Concern has transported 200 MTs of shelter materials from Dili to Lautem District for further distribution to identified villages.

Education: Between 4-9 February, UNICEF has paid stipends to a total of 1,895 teachers in Ainaro, Ermera, Manufahi, Oecusse and Viqueque.

A total of 5,235 teachers received stipends from UNICEF in January. Teachers around the country are currently educating 109,500 students.

In it's on-going effort to rebuild schools, UNICEF distributed 40 MTs roofing iron, 7.5 MTs of cement and 540 kg of nails between 4-9 February. In addition, 26 recreation kits and 148 kitchen sets were distributed.

The NGO Concern has distributed education materials for schools in Lautem, Ainaro, Covalima and Ermera Districts. By the end of the February, Concern will distribute sports equipment for schools where needed.

Logistics: The Arktis Atlantic arrived in Dili harbour from Darwin with 183.5 MTs of maize, beans and vegetable oil for the WFP food pipeline. On 8 February, WFP trucks delivered 94 MTs of rice, maize, vegetable oil and beans to Liquica, Aileu and Manatuto. On 8 February, a total of 100 MTs of rice were delivered with trucks to Liquica, Maubisse and Maliana. WFP helicopters delivered a total of 14.8 MTs of maize, beans, vegetable oil and salt to Darulete and on 9 February, a total of 20.7 MTs of maize, beans, vegetable oil and salt were delivered by helicopter to Alas and Meberek.

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