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UNTAET Daily Briefing 21 Mar 2000

News and Press Release
Originally published
Dili, 21 March 2000

The Force Commander, Lt. General Jaime de los Santos, reduced the threat level of security in four districts of East Timor.

The grade went from high to medium in the district of Ermera, and from medium to low in the district of Airano, both in Sector Central.

In the entire Sector West, which includes the two border districts of Maliana and Suai, the threat level was lowered from high to medium. The enclave of Oecussi remains medium, and the rest of the country (eight of 13 districts) is graded low.

The decision was made yesterday afternoon following recommendations from the commanders of the sectors to the Force Commander.


Contrary to recent media reports in Jakarta, there has been no mass RETURN movement from East Timor to West Timor.

Sunday, the Jakarta Post reported that 10.000 East Timorese had returned to West Timor in the last month because of food shortages and economic woes in East Timor.

UNHCR, the Government of West Timor, and the Head of UNTAET?s Liaison Office in Kupang, West Timor, said today that there is no evidence at all of any large movement of East Timorese returning to the camps of West Timor. There is no truth in the report that 10.000 people returned to West Timor during the last 30 days.

The Government of West Timor and UNHCR are in the process of doing a census in the camps to have a more precise idea of how many people are still in the camps.