UNICEF Nias Weekly SitRep 27 Aug 2005


  1. Highlights
    UNICEF Nias at a glance (last 7 days update underlined):


School Kit distribution of Back to School campaign has covered 13 out of 14 sub-districts in Nias District and 6 out of 8 sub-districts in Nias Selatan;

100 locally procured school tents distributed;

143 offshore school tents distributed (130 erected) in Nias and Nias Selatan;

145 small tents distributed to teachers, 12 pieces of blackboard, 320 sheets of tarpaulin, 393 recreational kits since 21 May and 299 Schools-in-a-Box since 13 June;

Nias and Nias Selatan Education database completed and updated;

UNOPS has surveyed 21 out of 145 Primary schools in Nias and Nias Selatan;

19 units of Desktops to be provided to Dinas Pendidikan in Nias and Nias Selatan.


Children vaccinated for measles (95.56% coverage for both districts);

6000 Hygiene Kits distributed as a health promotion aid;

37 villages midwives trained with a donation of 18 UNICEF Midwifery Kits;

6 School Tents erected (two in Gunung Sitoli Hospital and one in Nias District Health Office. Three School Tents erected at Emergency Puskesmas in Awaai, Lahewa and Lahusa);

Total of 26444 mosquito nets distributed to communities since 28 March Earthquake.

58 boxes of Emergency Health supplies, 50 kits of RDTs, 1000 courses of ACTs and 100 packets of Multivitamins distributed to Nias Hospital.

Child Protection

Interagency Child Protection Coordination Meteing held on 23 August;

Meeting with Department of Education re. getting street children enrolled in school;

Meeting with the Police in Nias regarding training of police officers in monitoring, handling and reporting cases of domestic violence and abuse against women and children;

Attended Disaster Awareness presentation by Japanese NGO, Code;

Field trip to Sirombu to conduct preliminary assessment of priority needs;

52 children reunited with their families after being taken out of Nias by non-relatives

67 out of 72 Tracing cases reunified with their families and receiving follow-up visits; remaining 5 cases referred to PMI for special attention [see Point 4.2];

2 Children's Centers established in Gunung Sitoli and 3 in Teluk Dalam; activities attended by 3000+ children;

2 ToT sessions completed in Gunung Sitoli and Teluk Dalam attended by 60 community members and officials;

Training of volunteers in the use of Recreation Kits completed.


WES has submitted various project proposals, continues to develop more with (slow moving) national NGOs and undertaken further liaison with BRR in Nias.


Contract signed by landlord of new office site; renovation now underway;

Two replacement drivers with training in MOSS arrived for a period of two weeks.


Thousand of NFIs distributed in April: hygiene kits (2,925+), family kits, cooking sets (950+), buckets (332+), petrol lamps, tarpaulins (3,800+), kerosene stoves (900+), tents, quilts (821+)

20 NFI kits distributed following landslide occurred in South Nias on 22nd June.

2. Update Education

2.1. Coordination

Inter-agency Education Coordination Meeting chaired by UNICEF took place on 19 August in the UNICEF office at Miga Beach Hotel;

Dinas Pendidikan Nias Selatan has agreed to hold the first education coordination meeting for Nias Selatan which is scheduled for the beginning of September.

2.2. Back to School Campaign

Published transparency notes in public places in all sub-districts in Nias and Nias Selatan to avoid mismanagement of stationary kit;

In cooperation with INGO, HELP, stationary kits for Afulu are to be transported with HELP's four-wheel drive truck.

2.3. Distributions

UNICEF continues to distribute School-in-a-Box (SIAB) and Recreational Kits for Primary schools in Nias and Nias Selatan;

Material distribution has been carried out with local partners LPAM Nias and PUSAKA.

2.4. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

UNOPS has completed the survey of 11 Primary schools in Gunungsitoli;

UNICEF and UNOPS decided to meet on a bi-monthly basis to update the reconstruction project of schools in Nias and Nias Selatan;

15 additional schools to be included in the list of UNICEF's reconstruction and rehabilitation in Nias Selatan;

Sent the final list of UNICEF's schools for reconstruction and rehabilitation to the Head of Education Department of Nias and Nias Selatan to be authorized.

2.5. Planning

To continue material distribution in Nias and Nias Selatan;

To develop a monitoring and evaluation system to review the effectiveness of the Back to School Campaign's distribution.

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