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Timor: Oecussi contact reports

17 January 2000

Mahata. At approximately 1.10 PM, a group of about 50 militia crossed the border into the Oecussi Enclave. Some militia were armed with pipe-guns and Enfield 303's rifles. They set fire to two houses and fired ten shots. As an Australian INTERFET patrol moved to the incident site to observe the militia, the militia immediately withdrew. The patrol monitored the situation and no further disturbances occurred.

Passabe. Between 10.30 AM and 3.00 PM a dozen or more fires were observed south of Passabe in proximity to the border. At about 2.25 PM, an INTERFET patrol identified about 20-30 militia. Some were carrying rifles and one had an Indonesian flag. The patrol challenged the militia who then fired about 25 rounds at the Australian soldiers. When the patrol returned fire, the militia ran away, firing their weapons as they went. The Indonesian flag was dropped. From this incident, TNI confirmed that one militiaman was shot in the thigh. There were no INTERFET casualties.

Passabe. At about 3.00 PM, another INTERFET patrol contacted approximately eight militiamen, some with rifles. Although the militia throwing stones at locals and INTERFET soldiers. Some militia aimed their weapons at Australian soldiers. The section approached the militia group. The militia fired two shots at the patrol. The 3 RAR section returned fire. The militia withdrew. No INTERFET casualties occurred.

18 January 2000

Mahata. At about 2.45 PM, about 100 militia crossed into the Enclave near Mahata. Most militia were armed with machetes and spears, and a group were armed with rifles (three Enfield 303 and two unidentified rifles). An Alpha Company section intercepted militia. Some militia aimed their weapons at the Australian soldiers. The section responded by firing six shots at the militia from a distance of 200 metres. No militia casualties were confirmed. The entire militia group withdrew back across border.

19 January 2000

Bobometo. At 6.30 AM, militia attacked villagers in Saben in the Enclave. Two locals were wounded. One was shot in the foot and one in the knee. Reports identified that the weapons used were SSV1 type (Indonesian assault weapon). The militia then fled back into West Timor as Charlie Company's quick reaction force deployed into the area. INTERFET medics treated both victims.