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Timor Activity Update: 09 Dec 1999

Situation Report
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There is an urgent need to return East Timorese displaced from West Timor and elsewhere in Indonesia to their communities of origin in order for rehabilitation, reconstruction and development to begin as quickly as possible. The safe and orderly return transportation of displaced persons is the responsibility of IOM by agreement and in close cooperation with UNHCR.

Today, IOM assisted a total of 791 people back to East Timor, by land, sea and air.

By land:

IOM and UNHCR teams "extracted" 312 refugees from six different locations in the Haliwen and Haliulun area, in the outskirts of Atambua. Returnees were taken on board 17 IOM leased trucks to the Motaain border crossing before proceeding to reception centres in Batugade. In addition, 37 refugees were returned by IOM from camps in the Haekesak region to Batugade. Further to the south, 240 persons were "extracted" from camps in Betun, Kotafon and Motamuk and transported to the Wala border crossing. IOM medical personnel treated several people suffering from malaria and severe dehydration.

By sea:

An IOM chartered ferry transporting 123 refugees from camps in the Kupang area arrived today in Dili. Generally, returns from
militia-controlled camps in the Kupang area remain low.

IOM Batugade reports a boat full of refugees arrived last night in East Timor. Returnees said they paid RPs 70,000 ($10) per person to be taken to East Timor. They claim militiamen had just permitted them to leave the camp where they had been kept until now.

By air:

An IOM chartered plane transporting 79 East Timorese from the Kupang area landed today in Dili.

As of 8 December, IOM has organized the return by land, sea and air of 64,687 East Timorese from West Timor, from Indonesia and from Australia.

So far, some 117,000 people have returned in an organized or in a spontaneous way to East Timor.

Total returns by land

To date, IOM has returned 24,393 East Timorese by land from West Timor.

Total returns by sea.

To date, IOM has returned 28,613 East Timorese by sea from West Timor and from other parts of Indonesia

Total returns by air

To date, IOM has returned 7,016 East Timorese from Kupang to Dili and 3,908 from other parts of Indonesia.

A total of 757 East Timorese have so far been returned by IOM from Darwin to Dili.

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