Synergies PMI and Emergency Preparedness Community in Mount Agung

from Indonesian Red Cross
Published on 18 Oct 2017 View Original

Status from volcanic activity is still at level IV (Caution) which has been established by the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) since September 22 last. The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) still carry out activities to help the affected communities. Various attempts were made PMI Bali as well as other agencies to facilitate the needs of displaced populations in various displaced persons camps scattered throughout the districts / municipalities in Bali. Some of the activities carried out PMI, among others Evacuation of people in the area of ​​Disaster Risk (KRB), support the implementation of a common kitchen (DU), data collection on refugee and refugee camps, water supply, construction of toilet facilities for affected communities through service and health promotion as well as support psychosocial for the children affected.

As the operation PMI implemented at refugee points Banjar Tenganan Pegringsingan, where PMI is also conducting Health Promotion (Promkes), Health Care (Yankes), Support Psycho-Social (PSP), socialization standby Mount Agung up to support Shelter integrated through the construction of four (4 ) MCK units around the refugee camps. And one of the challenges that exist in the implementation of activities in the village of Tenganan Pegringsingan is where transportation is limited to the parking area, while to the evacuation site, which is about 300 m can only be accessed via bike or on foot.

And these challenges can be resolved soon with gait and Tenganan Banjar community participation in assisting the Volunteers Pegringsingan PMI. People are very open and very helpful during the process of implementation of the emergency standby operation in Tenganan Pegringsingan PMI. PMI with the community and the refugees there shoulder to shoulder from carrying sand, bricks and other materials. Even if there is support from the society, they also help to pick-up the existing aid to be brought to Aid Post managed by Tenganan Pegringsingan Banjar apparatus. Of course this is a very positive synergy memjadi for PMI, communities and refugees where there is a sense of having framed in the sense of brotherhood among humans.

"The people of Tenganan Pegringsingan and refugees Banjar very enthusiastic in transporting material from dropping memabntu area to the construction site toilets" as submitted PMI Volunteer Coordinator for the region Tenganan Mr Putu Suryawan. "In addition, the coordination by customs officers Pegringsingan very solid Tenganan, where there is a joint contribution which is not only material, but also a partnership between the community and the PMI Pegringsingan" he added. To note that in the refugee camps Banjar Pegringsingan Tenganan community there are about 1200 people are concentrated in Banjar Bali Tenganan Pegringsingan as much as 381 souls while the rest fled in your home or relatives in the region.

In regard to the Emergency Preparedness Gunung Agung, PMI also carry out similar activities for affected communities scattered in districts / municipalities in Bali, according to needs and based on the results of a field assessment. With all its limitations, the PMI in Bali remains committed to providing support services to the community, providing assistance to those in need. The existence of PMI, is expected to provide benefits to affected communities in general and in particular penngungsi.

More info contact: Communications PMI Tanah Ampo - Karangasem - 081 238 649 811