SurfAid Provides Disaster Relief for Bima Floods

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Those who have surfed Lakey Peak in Sumbawa will likely recall coming through the Bima City Airport.

On the 21st and 22nd of December, flash floods devastated the city of Bima; where SurfAid’s office is located, and near to SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Program in the sub-district of Parado.

With up to two meters of flooding in some sub-districts, 66% of Bima city was affected, impacting 105,754 people.

Many people were without access to food and basic necessities, and despite a flooded SurfAid office, SurfAid staff conducted emergency response for others. In partnership with other agencies, SurfAid coordinated 16 distribution points, established an emergency kitchen, and supplied food and hygiene kits. SurfAid also partnered with World Relief to run trauma counseling for children. With our donors’ support, SurfAid served 6,043 flood victims.

While displacement, cleaning, and necessary repairs continue to affect Bima City, SurfAid is grateful to report that emergency response efforts have significantly improved conditions.

It is your generous and ongoing support that allows SurfAid to respond when disaster strikes. On behalf of the entire SurfAid team, especially those in Bima, thank you for your support of SurfAid!

SurfAid has received recognition from the Australian, New Zealand, and Indonesian governments for disaster relief work. If you’d like to help SurfAid’s emergency relief efforts in the future please