Staples stable despite flooding

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Jon Afrizal, The Jakarta Post, Jambi | Archipelago | Tue, February 26 2013, 1:56 PM

Floods in Jambi province have not disrupted basic commodity supplies in Jambi City. Prices of staples in local markets remain substantially unchanged.

Jambi City head of trade and industry, Izhar Muzani, said that even if there was an increase in basic commodity prices, the increase did not impact on consumers significantly because the rise was not significant. His department continuously monitors the supply of basic commodities in markets, grocery stores and warehouses in Jambi City.

“So far, basic commodity prices remain normal. There is no jump in price,” he said. “Prices are the same as before the flooding. Rice costs around Rp 145,000 (US$15) per sack.” Even if there was an increase, he said, the increase averages only between Rp 1,000 to Rp 2,000 per kilogram.”

About half of Jambi faces harvest failure because of flooding. Jambi City prices are the benchmark of basics in the province. Half of all basic commodities for municipalities across Jambi come from the city.

In Angso Duo market in Jambi City, rice costs in between Rp 144,000 and Rp 167,000 per sack, depending on the brand.

Ahmad had just bought a sack of Belido rice at the market for Rp 166,000. “Sepat rice is sold at Rp 144,000 per sack and King at Rp 167,000. It seems that flooding does not affect rice prices,” he said. (ebf)