Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Transport and Temporary Storage - 24 October 2018 [EN/ID]

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This document provides an overview of the logistics services to be made available through World Food Programme (WFP) Common Services, how humanitarian actors responding to the humanitarian needs in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia may access these services, and the conditions under which these services are to be provided.

The objective of these services is to enable responding organisations to establish an uninterrupted supply chain that supports the delivery of humanitarian relief items to the affected population. These services are not intended to replace the logistics capacities of other organisations, nor are they meant to compete with the commercial market.

Rather, they are intended to fill identified gaps and provide a last resort option in case other service providers are not available.

These services are planned to be available until 31 December 2018, with the possibility of further extension. The services may be withdrawn before this date in part or in full, for any of the following reasons:

• Changes in the situation on the ground

• No longer an agreed upon/identified need

• Funding constraints