SITREP #4 Earthquake Majene, West Sulawesi - Wednesday, 20 January, 2021

Situation Report
Originally published


Type of Incident : Earthquake
Location : Majene, West Sulawesi
Time : 14 January 2021

I. Key Information

  • The first earthquake measuring 5.9 on Richter Scale occured on Thursday (14/1), at 14.35 wita (Central Indonesia Time). The epicenter is located on land around 4 km Northwest of Majene, West Sulawesi.

  • The second earthquake measuring 6.2 on Richter Scale occured again on early Friday morning (15/1) at 02.28 wita (Central Indonesia Time), with epicenter at 6 km Northeast Majene, West Sulawesi, at the depth of 10 KM

  • An aftershock measuring 5.9 magnitude occurred in Majene on Saturday (16/01), the local people were asked to be cautious to the following aftershock

  • Evacuation effort is still being conducted by joint SAR team and volunteer. The latest update from BNPB stated the number of casualties is 90 people died. The priority of searching the victims is on four village namely: Binanga, Rimuku, Karema, and Simboro.

II. Description of Situation

Major earthquake occurred 2 times on Thursday at 14.35 local time and early Friday morning measuring 6.2 on Richter Scale at 02.28 local time. According to data as of Friday (15/1), at 06.00 WIB (West Indonesia Time) the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said that the type of tectonic earthquake hitting Majene area, West Sulawesi, was of shallow crustal earthquake caused by active fault activity.

The road access to the Mamuju - Majene axis was cut off on Monday (18/1) due to a heavy landslide. The condition of electricity in West Sulawesi after the earthquake has gradually recovered, parts of the area have already been active, and the telecommunications network has also been functioning. BASARNAS and the joint SAR team have identified 90 people killed in the earthquake in West Sulawesi. Efforts to search the victims are still being carried out and are focused on 4 villages, namely: Binanga Village, Rimuku Village, Karema Village, and Simboro Village.

On Saturday (16/1) BMKG stated another aftershock measuring 5.0 on the Richter Scale hit Majene Regency. The following aftershock is expected to reoccur, so that the BMKG asks the people to stay calm and be alert.

The Human Initiative responded to the earthquake in West Sulawesi by deploying a medical team, SAR team, and assessment team to 2 regencies, namely Mamuju and Majene regencies. The response team has carried out rapid assessments at the evacuation shelters of Kayuangin Village, Bambangan Village, Lombong Village and Kabiraan Village, Majene Regency. Meanwhile, a quick assessment of the needs of survivors was also carried out at Karema Village, Rimuku Village, Botteng Utara Village, Mamuju Regency. Based on the results of the rapid assessment, it was found that the refugee tents they are staying could not protect them from rain, and there was very little sleeping equipment (sleeping mats, blankets). While foodstuffs are available in small quantities and can be supplied from the government and non-government organizations, with minimal cooking equipment.

Priority needs to be provided to the survivors consist of:

  1. Temporary shelter and sleeping equipment

  2. Clean water and emergency toilets

  3. Food

  4. Baby equipment

  5. Private toiletries

The responses conducted by the Human Initiative to date consist of: the establishment of a Water Supply for survivors in Bambangan Village, Malunda sub-district, Majene Regency, with activities: providing 300 packages of additional food (green bean porridge) to survivors at the evacuation shelter at Bambangan Village and a water supply post (coffee, tea, etc.) for 500 survivors at Bambangan Village. The water supply post was also set up at the refugee camp at Manakara Stadium, Mamuju sub district. The food packages that have been distributed to the survivors of Bambangan Village consist of: 500kg of rice, 30 packs of eggs, and 75 liters of cooking oil. Human Initiative is also involved in coordination with local governments and joint stakeholders to provide information updates that have been carried out.