SITREP #2 Earthquake Majene, West Sulawesi - Saturday, 16 January 2021

Situation Report
Originally published


Type of Incident : Eartquake

Location : Majene, West Sulawesi

Time of Incident : 14 January 2021

I. Key Information

  • The first earthquake measuring 5.9 on Richter Scale occured on Thursday (14/1), at 14.35 wita (Central Indonesia Time). The epicenter is located on land around 4 km Northwest of Majene, West Sulawesi.

  • The second earthquake measuring 6.2 on Richter Scale occured again on early Friday morning (15/1) at 02.28 wita (Central Indonesia Time), with epicenter at 6 km Northeast Majene, West Sulawesi, at the depth of 10 KM

  • 5.9 magnitude earthquake was felt in Majene, North Mamuju, Central Majuju, Toraja, Mamasa, Pinrang, Pare-pare, Wajo, Polewali Mandar, Tanah Grogot, until Balikpapan.

  • In the meantime, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake was felt in Majene, Palu, Central Sulawesi and Makasar, South Sulawesi.

  • Some 189 people in Mamuju regency were seriously injured and hospitalized. While in Majene Regency around 637 people suffered minor injuries and received outpatient treatment and approximately 15,000 people were displaced at 10 refugee camps.

II. Description of the Situation

Major earthquake occured 2 times on Thursday at 14.35 local time and early Friday morning measuring 6.2 on Richter Scale at 02.28 local time according to data as of Friday (15/1), at 06.00 WIB (West Indonesia Time).

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said that the type of tectonic earthquake hitting Majene area, West Sulawesi, was of shallow crustal earthquake caused by active fault activity.

On the other hand, BMKG also said that aftershocks may occur as usual after a strong earthquake, therefore people are advised to remain calm and be alert to the possibility of aftershocks with significant power.

In addition, significant aftershocks can also trigger landslides and rockfalls, so the people in hilly areas with steep cliffs should be careful. The people who live in coastal areas are also expected to always be alert and immediately stay away from the beach should there be an aftershock.

Until Friday, at 22.00 WIB, BNPB released data that the earthquake has killed 42 people consisting of 34 people in Mamuju Regency and eight people in Majane Regency. The earthquake has also seriously damaged several public facilities in Mamuju District including the Mitra Manakarra Hospital, the Mamuju Regency Regional Hospital and Mamuju Port and Jembatan Kuning located in Takandeang, Tapalang Mamuju. Meanwhile, in Majene Regency 300 houses are damaged and are still in the process of collecting data.

A total of 189 people in Mamuju District were seriously injured and hospitalized. Meanwhile, in Majene Regency, around 637 people suffered minor injuries and received outpatient treatment and approximately 15,000 people were displaced at 10 evacuation shelters.

Until now, Majene Regency has been still in the process of repairing the electric supply so that the area is still totally blackout. Meanwhile, some areas in Mamuju Regency have already had electricity and some are still out of order.

Human Initiative Response Team arrived at the evacuation shelters at Kayuwanging Village, Malunda Sub district, Malunda Majene Regency at 23.00 wita. At the shelters, there were around 150 people with limited aids. Arriving at the locarion, the team started to set up water supply and charge mobile phones so that the people could contact their families and relstives. The team will conduct rapid study to map the basic needs and other basic necessities at the location and other refugee camps.