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Caritas is appealing for a further US$3.6 million (EUR 2,510,000) to help people in Indonesia in the long-term following the Padang earthquake.

The 7.6 magnitude earthquake which struck off the coast of Sumatra in September left over 1,100 people dead and many more in need of help to rebuild their homes and lives.

With this latest appeal for funds, Caritas intends to improve people's access to water and shelter, and support education and training among those affected by the earthquake. More precisely, Caritas intends to provide the following during the year-long project:

1. Permanent and temporary shelter for 16,854 earthquake affected people and road access to villages and agricultural areas for 2,057 people;

2. Disaster training for 31,940 people;

3. Agriculture/livelihoods support for 6,725 families;

4. Education for at least 260 students/teachers;

5. Psychosocial support benefiting at least 200 children;

6. Safe drinking water for 5,661 people;

7. Training for the Diocese of Padang to better respond to future emergencies.

Caritas launched a first appeal for funds in October just after the earthquake happened to help people with essentials such as water, food and shelter.

This latest appeal has a particular focus on making people more resilient to future disasters. Communities will be taught how to spot potential disaster hazards and they will also teach people how to build earthquake-resistant houses.

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