Radio Distribution and Media Support in Aceh quake area

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First Response Radio (FRR) network members, First Response Indonesia, have responded to the earthquake in Aceh province, Indonesia. On Thursday 11 th July First Response Indonesia deployed a team, many of the members had already completed FRR training where they learned how to use the suitcase studio to produce emergency radio programs. They drove into the affected areas on Friday (12 th July).

Team leader, Carly Sumampouw reports that First Response Indonesia are co- ordinating with OCHA and the Government representatives. The National radio station, RRI has been operating on reduced power (100W) since the 2 July earthquake, FRI is working with them to get back to full power and help provide radio programming to support the 2-way communications needs of the affected community. Key issues identified by OCHA and NGOs include the psychosocial counselling for trauma, the immediate needs of the vulnerable community and, even though it is still the Emergency phase, discussion on how to rebuild more effectively have already begun.

Radio distribution has begun thru the coordination centers.


First Response Indonesia (FRI):

Carly S. Sumampouw Mobile: +62 818802577

First Response Radio (UK)
Mike Adams, INTL Coordinator
Mobile: +44 7754455645

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