Project update: Pulau Banyak SMP school reconstruction, Aceh Indonesia

News and Press Release
Originally published
Source: Mr David Teo, Project Manager and Mr Jason Heng, ex-Operations Manager

The Pulau Banyak School Building Project is the latest joint post-tsunami relief effort in Aceh between Crisis Relief Society, Singapore (CRS) and the Singapore Red Cross Society (SRC).

Project Background

The Pulau Banyak group of islands lie west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean and have only one SMP (Secondary School). However, it is badly affected by incoming waters during high tide and heavy rain, as the compound has sunk by one metre after the 26th December 2004 Asian Tsunami.

To provide a conducive learning environment for its 200 students, CRS has committed to help the local community rebuild this school. Through this close co-operation, the youths on the islands will soon be able to enjoy new facilities, including:

- Ten classrooms;

- Science laboratory;

- Computer laboratory;

- Library;

- Staff room;

- Canteen and

- Assembly courtyard

Works officially commenced in October 2006 and its course is expected to run for 13 months. A full-time Singaporean project manager, Mr David Teo has been engaged to oversee the successful completion of the project.

The entire project will cost SGD 769,580, of which 90% will be provided by the Tidal Waves Asia Fund (TWAF) managed by Singapore Red Cross Society.

Project Update

Construction of the school is divided into blocks A, B, C and D. Block D was constructed first and it is meant for the 10 classrooms. Block D is an area where the old white classroom block and teacher's quarters originally stood. As of February 2007, construction at Block D is progressing smoothly. 22 main columns, incoming water mains, walls and main door frames were completed. The final roofing should be completed by the end of April 2007, completed before the target date of 31st May 2007. After this, work will proceed with Blocks C, A and B.