One dead, 562 infected by dengue fever in South Sumatra

One person has died of dengue fever in South Sumatra, while up to 562 have been infected since the beginning of the year, the South Sumatra Health Agency has reported.

The health agency’s disease prevention and control department head Muyono said that the death occurred in January in North Musi Rawas regency.

“The patient who died was a 15-year-old girl. She was not taken to the hospital in time,” he said on Monday as quoted by Antara.

Although the death occurred in North Musi Wawas regency, the number of dengue fever cases in the area is relatively low compared to 16 other regencies and cities in South Sumatra.

Of the 562 cases recorded as of March 9, Palembang had the highest number of dengue fever cases with 87, while Musi Banyuasin was second with 77 cases.

“Palembang always has the highest dengue fever rate every year as it has a large population and the topography enables Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to breed freely,” Muyono said.

He added that the number of cases had decreased compared to the 687 cases recorded in the same period last year. In 2019, the South Sumatra Health Agency recorded a total of 2,799 dengue fever cases resulting in six deaths.

“Dengue fever happens every year as there is no vaccine and there is no cure, but we can prevent it by living a hygienic lifestyle, keeping betta fish and monitoring Aedes aegypti larvae,” he said. (dpk)