NTB declares seven-day state of emergency after earthquake that claims 17 lives

Panca Nugraha and Gemma Holiani Cahya, The Jakarta Post

The West Nusa Tenggara administration has declared a seven-day state of emergency following a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that rocked Lombok Island and claimed at least 17 lives on Sunday.

“The state of emergency is for seven days and each team at three main posts will conduct an evaluation meeting every afternoon,” West Nusa Tenggara Disaster Mitigation Agency head Muhammad Rum said on Wednesday, adding that the emergency was declared through a gubernatorial decree on Sunday and would last until Aug. 4.

During the state of emergency, the authorities will conduct inventory and data verification of destroyed houses to further decide what needs to be distributed to the owners for house renovations in accordance with the damage level.

The agency, along with various stakeholders are currently focusing on distributing aid to residents. The main priorities for evacuees include clean water and sanitation facilities.

Meanwhile, East Lombok regent Moch. Ali bin Dachlan has also issued a seven-day emergency as his regency was the worst-hit by the shallow magnitude 6.4 quake. Out of 17 total fatalities, 12 were killed, 200 were injured and 7,600 people had to stay in shelters in the regency.

In an official letter circulated among the related institutions, Zainul wrote that based on observations in the field he declared the emergency status for Sembalun and Sambelia, two districts facing the most destruction after the earthquake.

“The status can change anytime according to developments, the situation and condition in the field,” he said.

As of Wednesday morning, the National Disaster and Mitigation Agency (BNPB) had recorded 10,062 displaced people and 5,448 destroyed houses across Lombok, most of which are located in East Lombok regency. (rin)