Muslim Hands South East Asia is funding medical supply to 9 medical clinics in Banda Aceh

from Muslim Hands International
Published on 05 Jan 2005
Banda Aceh on northern tip of Sumatra was very badly hit by the Tsunami (80,000 confirmed dead in this area alone, and rising)

MH SE Asia is funding medical supply to 9 medical clinics; two of these medical units are mobile. 3 more truckloads of food, water and medicine are on route to these affected areas supervised by MH volunteers in Medan

Many orphans that were found and rescued by MH volunteers in Banda Aceh and surrounding regions were kept and supported at Banda Aceh to allow family to find them. Sadly, 100 of them, for whom no family survived, are being taken to Jakarta where they will be taken care of. MH SE Asia has become the carer responsible for these orphans.

MH SE Asia is effectively reaching the most effected area reachable. Teams from the UK are still at Banda Aceh. For press reports and interviews to talk with the team directly arrangements can be made by contacting Aamer Naeem on 0044(0)115 9117222.

Muslim Hands has already appealed to the UK public to help the victims of Tsunami disaster. Your support is desperately needed to reach the victims of this catastrophe.

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