Mount Gamalama eruption continue to disrupt life of villagers

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Situation Report Dec 24, 2011 – HOPE worldwide

Following the December 4, 2011 eruption, Mount Gamalama continue to be active. Since then, several eruptions had taken place as late as December 23, 2011.

On December 14 to December 17, 2011, HOPE worldwide’s disaster relief team distributed 3,300 masks as well as conducting a rapid assessment on the ground in the island of Ternate.

• There were no dead casualties, but 2,368 people (550 families) were reported to be displaced by the Ternate City Disaster Management Agency (Dec 15, 2011).

• The most affected sub-districts are Tubo, Togafa, Dufa dufa, Akehuda, and Loto. The displaced families are spread out in 7 reported IDP sites, where they stay in either auditorium or tents.

• The condition of IDP sites was under control with services of emergency shelter, food & nutrition, health, clean water are available. Some people were reported to have upper respiratory infection; which is a normal occurrence considering the ashes are released.

• As HOPE worldwide team traveled around the island for assessment, we distributed masks for the people in Togafo (500 masks), Dufa Dufa (500 masks), Marikurubu (1700 masks), and Tongole (600). The masks would at least help the residents should the volcano erupts again.

• Farmers had lost some of their crops after fruit trees and vegetation were reported to be damaged by the eruption.

• Other residents on the island are back to their works and daily activities with caution of more eruptions.

• The Ternate Island has naturally formed lava riverbanks all around the island as a pathway of lava and rainwater. The pathways are full of rocks, boulders, and sand from the mount as rain washed them down from the hills. Some houses were damaged by the mud also called as ‘cold lava’