MDMC Indonesia Summary Situational Report 1

Situation Report
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Situation Overview on the 26 September – 22 October 2019, Maluku, Ambon Earthquake

According to the Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) the earthquake’s epicenter was located inland of Seram island, some 42 kilometers northeast of the city of Ambon. BMKG reported a magnitude of Mw 6.8. Thought BMKG stated that there was no risk of a tsunami. BMKG reported that the earthquake was caused by strike slip fault mechanism. And they have detected 239 aftershocks. There are 23 fatalities had been confirmed from the earthquake, primarily due to falling rubble from damaged buildings. Over a hundred people were reportedly wounded. Majority of the casualties occurred in the Central Maluku Regency, where 23 deaths were reported. On 27 September Ambon’s local disaster mitigation agency reported 25,000 people in temporary shelters following the earthquake, with 224 houses reported damaged. On 29 September 2019, seven other people were found dead or had succumbed to their injuries, bringing the death toll to 30. Four more deaths were announced on September 30. Damage to houses reached 6,344 units with different levels of damage. Malteng regency area, houses severely damaged (RB) 724 units, SBB 298 and Ambon 251.

Meanwhile moderate damaged houses (RS) in the Maluku Tengah Regency area reached 1,104 units, Kabupaten Seram Bagian Barat (SBB) 469 and Ambon City 253, while minor damage (RR) in the Maluku Tengah region 2,238, Ambon 654 and SBB 353.