MAF brings another Cessna to Indonesia tsunami zone

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Redlands, Indonesia-Relief -- Following the initial relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Indonesia, conducted by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), is now participating in a rehabilitation program to help rebuild communities in the province of Aceh.

To marks its commitment, last week the sixty-year old California-based mission agency send another amphibian Cessna Caravan for long term service in Sumatra. Expected to arrive in Indonesia by late June, the new aircraft will join three other MAF planes already on site.

The new MAF amphibian will be supporting community rehabilitation efforts including, medical teams to rural regions (malaria prevention, clean water seminars, vaccinations, general rural health care); agriculture projects (rehabilitation of rice fields, gardens and new cash crops); livelihood restoration projects and micro business start-ups; water well decontamination; food distribution; psychological and social counseling; boat building (a large portion of coastal villagers were fishermen whose boats were destroyed); and construction projects (clinics, schools, homes and shelters).

Some of the organizations being served by MAF in Sumatra include Samaritan's Purse, an MAF ministry partner supplying a fourth aircraft, Operation Blessing (Obor Berkat Indonesia), Food for the Hungry, World Relief; Catholic Relief Services; The Red Cross; Habitat For Humanity; as well as various Indonesian and European aid and relief organizations such as Asia's Little Ones (backed by AOG); Norwegian Church Aid; International Crisis Mission; and Swedish Rescue Service Association (SRSA).

This relief and rehabilitation program, ongoing since early January, is a joint effort with other independent MAF entities from Europe and Australia. To date, more than 80 MAF staff members, alumni and volunteers have participated in this operation, including pilots, mechanics, communications and avionics technicians. Most are Americans who have been rotated from other MAF programs in Indonesia and the MAF headquarters in Redlands, California.=A9 lan