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Keystone Automotive donates $140,000 to tsunami victims

Pomona, Indonesia-Relief -- Keystone Automotive Industries announced the company has donates $140,000 to tsunami victims in Asia. The donation channeled through Save the Children, a relief and development currently works in Indonesia, India, and Srilanka, which already collect more than $58 million tsunami donations.

''When we started looking for a partner organization, we found Save the Children was a perfect fit,'' said Richard Keister, Keystone's CEO on a statement on Thursday. ''They are a wonderful organization dedicated to helping people in need around the world. I'm very proud of our team members and their strong desire to help those who have been devastated by the tsunami.''

Through direct team member donations, and a pledge program through payroll deduction, Keystone Team Members have donated more than $70,000. The company has matched that amount for a total gift of more than $140,000.

''Keystone is an important corporate partner, providing us with critical funds to help support our recovery projects in the areas most affected by the tsunami,'' said Charles MacCormack, president and CEO of Save the Children.

''We are working with local partners to rebuild schools, homes and health centers, and are actively training teachers and midwives to help replace skilled people whose lives were lost in the tsunami. We are also expanding our cash-for work and micro-loan programs to help create new livelihoods for tsunami victims who have no income to support themselves.''

Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc. distributes its products primarily to collision repair shops through its 129 distribution facilities, of which 22 serve as regional hubs, located in 38 states and Canada. Its product lines consist of automotive body parts, bumpers, remanufactured alloy wheels, cooling components as well as paint and other materials used in repairing a damaged vehicle. These products comprise more than 19,000 stock keeping units that are sold to more than 25,000 repair shops throughout the United States and Canada.