Karangasem residents can help cash transfer of PMI

Residents of six villages in Karangasem, Bali assistance cash transfer program (PTT) from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). Those who obtain the help of living in disaster-prone areas around Mount Agung.

"PMI oprasi to respond to a disaster recovery emergency standby eruption of Mount Agung through a variety of social services," explained Kasubdiv Emergency Response and Recovery PMI Sobri Ridwan Carman in his press conference on Sunday (04/08/2018).

One is through the distribution of aid cash transfer program (PTT). The objective of this program is mainly for livelihoods and on food items . This assistance is expected to be Ridwan said the capital to develop the creative economy. The target can sustain the lives of people after the emergency status eruption of Mount Agung.

According to Ridwan, PTT aid is one way of PMI provides assistance where beneficiaries are more flexible, convenient, practical and efficient to choose the desired relief. PTT is getting support from the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade / DFAT) and the IFRC.

Field Coordinator (coordinator) PMI Bali Province, I Gede Sudiartha added, this cash transfer program is a form of PMI's commitment to continue to assist the people affected and to provide public services. PMI will provide relief to 48 groups of both agriculture and crafts, he added.

Sudiartha added, people who get relief spread over six villages disaster-prone region III. Penyalurn help by using the account number as a group of media reception in cooperation with partners Regional Development Bank (BPD) Bali.

The value of a given transfer Sudiartha light is the result of analysis for livelihood development. The details agriculture Rp 500,000 and Rp 630,000 craft. Total cost disbursed Rp 1.46745 billion and a total of as many as 2,476 inhabitants mampaat receiver beneficiaries. (Ed:

For further information please contact: Ridwan Sobri, Kasub PMI Disaster Management Center, HP: 0821-1191-6892 or Aulia Arriani, Head of Public Relations of PMI, Mobile: 0816-795-379