Java earthquake (Indonesia) - update 29 May 2006

from Islamic Relief
Published on 27 May 2006
Thousands of people have been killed and injured after a powerful earthquake struck the Yogyakarta province of Indonesian at 5:52am on Saturday 27th May 2006. The quake, measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale, destroyed hundreds of houses and buildings and brought down electricity and water supplies in one of Indonesia's biggest cities. Over 5000 people have fled their homes fearing another tsunami.
Inadequate Medical Treatment

With reports of over 2,900 people injured, the health care system in the affected area has been overwhelmed with inadequate facilities and resources to treat the injured. Damaged water and electricity supplies in Yogyakarta will greatly increase threat of disease of not restored quickly.

Volcano Threat

In the northern part of Yogyakarta, Mount Merapi threw off hot clouds of smoke and ash shortly after the tremor. Although the earthquake is not thought to have been caused by the volcano, Mount Merapi's increased volcanic activity is being closely monitored by scientists and Indonesian authorities.


Immediate needs for the victims are water, food, hygeine kits and temporary shelter.

Islamic Relief Response

Islamic Relief already has operations on the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and offices in the nearby Banten province. Islamic Relief has already began distributing blankets, portable water, food and hygeine kits and is co-ordinating efforts with international and national agencies in the area.

With an initial allocation of =A3500,000 of emergency aid, Islamic Relief is appealing for =A32,000,000 for the victims of this disaster.