Jakarta Flood Response 2013

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The general situation

The water level in the water gates in Jakarta started to recede but in some areas in North Jakarta water levels are still high and are quite heavy flow of water caused many residents to be evacuated. At Pluit, the water level reached 2 meters due to Pluit embankment overflow.

In some areas the electricity is still cut and created challenges in meeting the needs of the displaced people.

20 people died per January 20, 2013 due to the floods, while more than 40,416 people remain in evacuation centers. The increasing number of displaced people is because there are more people that can be avacuated from their homes.

The people's urgent need is of clean water and sanitation facilities, blankets and medicines, as well as the special needs of women and children (underwear, sanitary napkins).

Government Response

Jakarta Provincial Government has responded with emergency food aid and other logistics, while BNPB has set up flood management posts.

BNPB has formed two teams that were divided into flood management and displaced people/camp management.

YEU Response

YEU emergency response team consists of coordinator, nurse and logistician have been coordinating with the Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI), Plan International and Wadah Foundation to determine the location of the posts which we will respond with the distribution of hygiene package, health education and barrack management.

The team conducts assessment in the Penjaringan North Jakarta, in Kindergarten Permai Muara Karang (resident of RT 17 and 19 Penjaringan) which accommodates 1000 people since Wednesday, January 16, 2013 while continuing to coordinate with agencies that also conducted flood response.

The team also conducted an assessment in Bidara China, East Jakarta, in coordination with Karina, and also the area Rowamalaka RW 3, West Jakarta for the provision of hygiene kits. In GOR Otista that holds 1558 people, JARI opened acupressure services with 2 therapists and has served 40 patients.

Rubber boats have been sent to Jakarta to assist in the evacuation of the people who are still trapped in their homes.

For Tuesday, the team will join Pelkesi YEU to perform health services in villages Petamburan.

Contact: Tina (emergency response coordinator: 08126375431)