Islands in focus: 3 dead as landslide hits northern Jayapura

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The Jakarta Post | The Archipelago | Mon, March 18 2013, 10:23 AM

JAYAPURA: Three siblings were found dead and another individual sustained injuries after being buried in a house in the Immanuel APO church complex in Jayapura Utara, Jayapura, Papua, following a landslide caused by heavy rain on Saturday.

The three siblings are Agustina Soisa, a 17-year-old female student from senior high school SMU Mandala Jayapura; Ardelia Saimina, a 23-year-old female teacher and Jean Melinda, a 26-year-old female teacher. Hans Loen, a 40-year-old male teacher, also sustained injuries. Some of the house’s occupants were still sleeping when the landslide destroyed the house.

Maradona, 32, the elder brother of the three siblings, said that he was sitting on the terrace of the house when he saw the retaining wall, which surrounded their house, begin to crack. He ran outside of the house shortly before the landslide began, burying the house with his younger sisters still sleeping inside.

Maradona then sought assistance from neighbors as he tried to save his sisters, but found difficulties evacuating the victims due to uninterrupted heavy rain.

Flooding has cut road access connecting Jayapura City and Abepura. Flood waters inundated roads in the Papua Trade Centre (PTC) complex in Entrop, with vehicles unable to pass through the area.

Flooding also inundated Youtefa, the biggest traditional market in Jayapura City. As a result, vendors had to move their trade activities to areas along the roads.