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IOM Press Briefing Notes: 29 Feb 2000

by Niurka Pineiro, IOM Spokesperson
Timor: Some 650 East Timorese have returned in the last four days

TIMOR - Over the last four days, IOM has helped some 650 displaced East Timorese to return home from West Timor.

Kosovo: IOM starts civil protection training programme

KOSOVO - On 22 and 23 February, IOM held the induction of the 47 senior managers of the Kosovo Protection Corps. This first session was held in Pristina, as per the UNMIK and KFOR mandate for IOM to carry out the KPC training. Topics covered during this initial session were emergency preparedness and civilian responsibility, amongst others.

A similar induction will take place on 6-8 March, simultaneously in seven locations across Kosovo, for the 524 middle managers of the KPC. The following week, on 12 March, IOM will conduct the induction for the 4,481 field members of the Corps.

As of 13 March, training will begin for the field members. Course topics will cover disaster response capability, including fires, industrial accidents and spills; search and rescue operations; humanitarian assistance in isolated areas; demining; civics and human rights; and rebuilding of infrastructure and communities. The training will be done, via IOM, by international and local trainers. Governments and institutions have donated some of the training.

IOM has also supported the KPC Leader's academy with basic equipment - tables, chairs, etc. - and will be providing office supplies and machines - faxes, photocopying machines, etc.

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