Indonesia: YBK-TdH complete construction of 150 houses in Bireun

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Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief -- The Bumi Kita foundation and Terre des Hommes announced that the organizations has completed construction of 150 house for tsunami survivors in village of Panthe Rheng and Sangso, in Samalaga, Bireun. The announcement made during an inauguration to hands over 55 fishing boats to help fishermen in the same villages back to business.
According to the organization recent release, Deputy of Biruen Distrik Amiruddin received the boats aids early last week and directly forwarded the boats to the fishermen. The boats aid include 21 boats equipped with 20 PK engine (plus 4 packages of fishing equipments) and 34 boat with 5.5 PK engine (plus 6 packages of fishing equipments).

As part of its programs to revive people economic activities, previously Bumi Kita and Terre des Hommes had also provided 40 sewing machines and 10 embroidery machines, as well as start up capital and trainings, to women in the villages. Currently, the organizations is in preparation to rehabilitate 65 hectares of fishing ponds.

Regarding the houses construction, Bumi Kita release said the organizations have completed 150 out of 317 planned houses. The houses are 42 square meters permanent houses. Construction of another 50 houses are currently in progress. The organization had also completed rehabilitation of 53 houses. =A9 che