Indonesia: World Bank approves $82 million to rebuild Aceh communities

Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief - The World Bank's managed Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) for Aceh and North Sumatra last week approved two projects worth US$82 million for the reconstruction and rehabilitation for Aceh and North Sumatra previously approved by BRR.

According to Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias (BRR), the projects include the Urban Community Recovery (UPP) program for restoring infrastructure in 352 urban villages (valued at US$18 million), and the Rural Community Recovery (KDP) program for assisting some 3,000 villages to develop community based infrastructure (valued at US$64 million).

BRR Director Kuntoro Mangkusubroto welcomed the project approvals. ''The mechanisms used by the rural and urban community recovery projects are strong community driven platforms, and can and will be used by other NGOs and organizations. This is in line with BRR's principle of using a bottom-up approach,'' he said.

The Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Aceh and North Sumatra brings together a pool of up to US$500 million in grant resources, provided by donor countries and international organizations to support the implementation of the Government's rehabilitation and reconstruction blueprint.

The MDTF's portfolio now includes the BRR Support Project (US$15 million), the Land Project (US$28 million), the KDP program (US$64 million), the UPP program (US$18 million), and the Tsunami Recovery Waste Management, (US$15 million). © dro