Indonesia: What people of Simpang Ulim eat today?

Aceh Timur, Indonesia-Relief -- Yesterday, Wednesday June 15, is the last day Acehnese from village of Kuala Simpang Ulim, subdistrict of Simpang Ulim, East Aceh, could cooked rice. It is the day when 6 tons of rice provided by DEA and GTZ of Germany reach its end. About 742 people or 153 families don't know what to eat today. No new supplies. Never ever food or rice supplies from WFP.

''Our rice stock is only enough for tomorrow, Wednesday. We will be hungry tomorrow,'' Basri Saleh, Head of Kuala Simpang Ulim village told reporters on Tuesday. He and his villagers are currently living in refugee barrack in neighboring village of Bantayan.

Saleh said there are no NGOs coordinating food supplies to the barracks. Asked about food supplies from World Food Program (WFP), he said his people never ever received food from WFP.

Iskandar (34), another refugee, as reported by Acehkita, admitted that local government had offered rice once. But it is 'raskin' rice (cheap rice for the poor), which means they have to buy it.

Asked why they didn't return home, rebuild their village, and recreating source of income; several refugees said it wouldn't be easy. Why? Their village has been accused as supporter of GAM, Aceh separatist. They believe this is one other reason why people are reluctant to help. © che