Indonesia: West Sumatra Earthquakes Emergency appeal no. MDRID004 operations update no. 11

Situation Report
Originally published



In February the long-expected recovery coordinator joined the West Sumatra operation to lead activities in water and sanitation, health, psychosocial support (PSP) and shelter, and to coordinate activities with active partner national societies (PNSs). In addition, three temporary/transitional shelter (T-shelter) field officers were recruited to support the PMI branches in Kota Padang, Kota Pariaman and Padang Pariaman. Pending the finalization of a formal project agreement, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) sent a letter of intent to PMI which was sufficient to continue shelter activities in the three districts allocated for IFRC funding.

An ambitious operational plan and budget has been created, aiming to finish all recovery activities within the emergency appeal period of one year. In cooperation with PMI, the required volunteers are being trained and field offices opened.

After a few months of preparation, an additional 400 families received their financial grant for the construction of their T-shelters, bringing the total to 550 families. The financial transfer system to beneficiaries suffered from inconsistent formats and procedures that were not clear to everyone. By giving additional training to financial staff, this has been solved. With staff and planning in place the shelter operation is ready to scale up.

PMI has decided to contribute to the shelter needs with the procurement of 300,000 zinc sheets from its own funding. These sheets will be distributed in March.

The relief team has been preparing for the reception of a large consignment of relief goods in March 2010. Relief also has been very active in reconciling the emergency distribution figures of 2009 which it expects to finish in April. In the mean time, it is planning additional 'relief distributions' training to West Sumatra branches.

Partners which have made contributions to the appeal to date include the American Red Cross/ American government, Andorran Red Cross, Australian Red Cross, Austrian Red Cross, British Red Cross/British government, Canadian Red Cross/Canadian government, Red Cross Society of China, Hong Kong branch of the Red Cross Society of China, Macau branch of the Red Cross Society of China, Finnish Red Cross/ Finnish government, French Red Cross, Iranian Red Crescent, Irish Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross, Republic of Korea National Red Cross, Monaco Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross/Netherlands government, New Zealand Red Cross/New Zealand government, Norwegian Red Cross/Norwegian government, Spanish Red Cross and Swedish Red Cross/Swedish government as well as the government of Estonia, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund of International Development and Irish Aid.

Bilateral partners supporting PMI include the American Red Cross, British Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, Danish Red Cross/Danish government and Netherlands Red Cross (European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office [ECHO] funding), German Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Kuwait Red Crescent, Norwegian Red Cross, Qatar Red Crescent, Singapore Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross, Turkish Red Crescent and United Arab Emirates Red Crescent.

The International Federation, on behalf of PMI, would like to thank all partners for their generous response to this appeal.