Indonesia: Weekly Update for ACT 6 - 10 June 2005


The House of Representatives has urged an end to the talks after the fourth round of negotiations between Indonesian Government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) with concluded with unfinished business that would require a fifth meeting to reach a final agreement. The lawmakers also underlined their concern about too much foreign intervention to the peace process. Responding to the House of Representatives demand, the government said the dialog must go on. Vice President Kalla said that after four rounds of talks in Helsinki, the two sides had agreed on 90 percent of a comprehensive settlement to the three decades of armed conflict in the natural resources-rich province. Kalla ensured lawmakers that the government would not accept the cease-fire proposed by GAM if the truce would enable the rebels to consolidate.




Banda Aceh: CWS provided medical treatment to 124 (40 males and 22 females and 62 children) in one location. CWS also followed up their wet feeding program for 64 children in the area. In collaboration with theirs local NGO partner (Hidayatullah), CWS prepared the health cadres training in Lhok Nga subdistrict. Another cadres training was conducted in Lhok Nga for 5 women.


Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar: YEU provided health services to 415 patients, especially children and elderly.

Lhok Seumawe: YEU provided health services in their relief posts and mobile clinics.

Meulaboh: YEU provided health services at inpatient and mobile clinics.

Nias: YEU provided health services to 542 patients in two locations.

Livelihood recovery


Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar: CWS met with 11 small entrepreneur groups in Lam Ujong Village, who will submit their proposals and determine which of the organisations/ agencies will be their respective supervisors. CSW has trained the women's group in Lambaro Siron barracks, Neuhun village in Mesjid Raya in group Management and book-keeping. Ten fishing-boats have been built in Meue Village, Trieng Gadeng sub-district (Pidie) and another 5 boats are underway. CWS has also met with the Community for Humanitarian Social Empowerment (CHSE) who works closely with the local community in Meue Village. CHSE submitted their proposal to CWS on livelihood interventions in Kembang Tanjung sub-district.

Meulaboh: CWS distributed seventeen becaks (local pedi-cabs) to beneficiaries. This is the first of a series of distributions of all in all 100 pedi-cabs provided by CWS that will take place hereafter.


Banda Aceh: YEU held discussions and meetings with the groups of Credit Union program. YEU reported that most of the groups attended the meeting and they were highly committed.

Lhok Seumawe: YEU supervised the maintenance of sewing machines at Cot Petisah.

Nias: YEU facilitated the formation of a new fishermen group of 21 members.


Bandaaceh and Aceh Besar: YTB's partner (HKBP) recruited four staff to organise aids and community development. Those staff will be trained for community development skills to strengthen HKBP in entering the rehabilitation phase.

Food Distribution and Non-Food Items


Meulaboh: CWS distributed 972 non-food item packages and 1,512 relief kits to a total of 7,148 beneficiaries (2,315 households) in sixteen locations. CWS also distributed 460 jerry-cans, 460 kerosene coupons to 1,730 beneficiaries in two locations.

Nias: CWS distributed the last in a series of distributions of food items provided by WFP: rice (1 ton), fish (470 kg), and cooking oil (304 kg) to a total of 507 beneficiaries (100 households).


Bandaaceh and Aceh Besar: YTB's partner (HKBP) distributed food (rice, vegetable oil, green bean, milk), and non-food items (soap, hygiene kits) to 1,875 IDPs in four locations.

Nias: YTB's partner (BPB) continued to distribute tent shelters from OXFAM and rice, instant noodles, baby foods, hygiene kits and kerosene to 131 households in several sub-districts Mandrehe. BPB also distributed rice and canned fish in one location.

Water and sanitation


Bandaaceh and Aceh Besar: CWS finalized the construction of the Community Health Centre's latrines in Lhoong sub-district. CWS has hired four new staff in the area. Accompanied by Mathias Brandt from Technisches Hilfswerk (the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief/ THW), CWS assessment team visited Krueng Kala and Cot Jeumpa Villages and CWS requested THW staff for some technical advices.

Meulaboh: CWS completed the piping installation from water tanks to the latrines and communal bathrooms in Tzu Chi camp and continued the routine monitoring of the water distribution points. CWS also finalised twenty-four latrines and twelve bathrooms in Tanjong Harapan camp.

Nias: CWS constructed four latrines (each with 4 toilets) in two sub-districts. Six other latrines are underway. CWS also dug four wells and six other are underway in various locations in Sirombu sub-district.


Nias: YEU supervised the construction of latrines in Lahewa.

Meulaboh: YEU started the divan making and supervised the construction of wells and other sanitation facilities.

Psycho-Social Activities


Banda Aceh: CWS conducted FEAT (Fun & Educational Activities in Tents) for 88 children in four locations. The activities include making beads' necklaces, and bracelets, playing, massage, swimming, games, dancing, feeding plastic shaping, imitation games. CWS also distributed supplementary feeding, books and selected leisure items such as balls, traditional games and skipping rows to CWS' partners to support to their FEAT activities.

Meulaboh: CWS and their partner (Dharma Wanita, a local women's organisation) provided FEAT (Fun and Educational Activities in Tents) for 196 children between 0-15 years of age in two locations.


Banda Aceh: YEU involved in individual and group activities such as teaching at kindergartens, Koran reading and support the activities of PKK (local women group) programme. For this programme YEU distributed balls, nets, 50 Korans.

Lhok Seumawe: YEU conducted joint teaching for children in three locations and held discussions on children competition and individual counselling for traumatic survivors.

Meulaboh: YEU provided counselling at their clinic of "Sahabat" for tsunami traumatic patients.

Nias: YEU conducted assessments and discussion with two fishermen groups. YEU also hold an informal training on mental health for their trainees on how to fill and manage client cards and daily book keeping records.



Banda Aceh: YEU continued to construct houses for IDPs.

Lhok Seumawe: YEU completed 80% - 90% of the first phase house construction two locations in the area. YEU also held discussion with 25 IDPs who will be the beneficiaries of the second period of shelter construction.

Networking and Liaison


- CWS attended UN-OCHA, NGOs and Government meeting at new office of North Sumatra level, called "Team" in central city of Medan.

- CWS held discussion with UNICEF representative who confirmed that UNICEF will be providing CWS with additional ten 5m=B3-bladders.

- CWS met with CRS representatives to discuss CWS broken water pump in Kuta Padang as well as the imminent WatSan training-course which will be conducted by CRS.

- CWS met with Yayasan PAPAN (a local NGO seeking partnership with CWS) to review their project and budget proposal.


YTB's partner (BPB) conducted meeting with World Vision Indonesia for latrine building in Mandrehe.


Regional Coordination

  • On June 9, 2005, one day-Regional Coordination Meeting was held at Best Western Hotel in Medan. All partners (CWS, YEU and YTB) attended the meeting, ACT Regional and National Coordinator as well. The meeting was opened and directed by Dr Edi, YEU Project Manager Medan. The agendas of the meeting consist of Civic Fair, Visits (Meulaboh and Lhok Seumawe) and other issues briefed by the National Coordinator (Hannele Kankuri). Also discussed in the meeting are: update the GOI policies affecting Aceh and North Sumatera, presentation by CWS, YEU and YTB on their last month activities, discussion on liaison and networking, logistics, information management, accountability, programme quality, expertise, quality management, ACT Real Time Evaluation, discussion on Ernst and Young coordination. Several action plans to be followed on June among others are English training for the staff, interfaith discussion, term of reference for workshop entering the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase.

  • Ernst and Young conducted two day-workshop/training (7-8 June) on capacity building in Medan. Each partners and ACT sent their representatives to the workshop/training, which was opened by Rebecca Young, ACT Regional Coordinator. During the two days, the participants were introduced to Ware House and Distribution Management, Project Monitoring and Procurement Management. In addition, the participants were also grouped into four group case studies. At the end of the workshop, each group created performances with the theme of "Tell the Truth". The participants performed the theme with acting, singing and others; and have shown the spirit of togetherness within ACT and partners. National Coordinator, Hannele Kankuri delivered her expectation on the closing session that after creating togetherness on the training, the participants are expected to have the same spirit in implementation of programme.

  • North Sumatra Governor has officially invited NGOs who work in Nias and North Sumatra (including ACT and ACT members) to attend the donor meeting at Tiara Hotel Medan on 15 June 2005. The meeting is a series of event before the Regional Seminar on Tsunami Area, which has been scheduled to be held in Medan on 16-17 June 2005. The Seminar will invite all tsunami affected country representatives (Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, India and Sri Lanka).

National Coordination

Activities of ACT Intl National Coordinator during the week are:

- Attended workshop/training by Ernst and Young (see above).

- Attended Monthly Coordination Meeting (see above) which she found very well structured useful for the programme.

- Held discussion with the Regional Coordinator on coordination issues of ACT Intl Indonesia.

Held discussion with the Engagement Principal of Ernst and Young, Mr Greg Fitchman, and received a copy of E&Y Toolkit for capacity building of NGOs. She found that the toolkit is very useful in humanitarian aid in order to meet minimum standards of transparency and accountability by establishing adequate systems of internal control. She also found that the toolkit will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the programme implemented by the ACT members in Indonesia (CWS, YEU and YTB) for the benefit of the affected people of Aceh and Nias.


Dr Jaishree Mukherjee, a former ACT Regional Coordinator, currently Consultant to Yayasan Tanggul Bencana (YTB), visited ACT Medan Office. She held meetings with YTB and made a courtesy call to ACT and the other two ACT members. She also visited Singkil -- South Aceh and scheduled to visit Nias next week.