Indonesia: Volley Ball Federation channel tsunami fund to UNDP

Geneva, Indonesia-Relif -- Since early tsunami, International Federation of Volley Ball (FIVB) already committed to provide $3 million to UNDP's tsunami fund. And finally, six months after tsunami, the organization finalized a detailed agreement with UNDP on distribution of the tsunami aid.
''The analyses carried out over the past six months have led to a better understanding of how to use this amount for humanitarian purposes. And because we are fully aware of our social responsibility that we will accompany the United Nations and more particularly UNDP in their endeavours,'' said Dr. Rubn Acosta, the FIVB President on a statement on Monday.

On the basis of the needs which have been identified, it is foreseen that the money originating from the FIVB will be broken down as follows: 40% will be used in Indonesia, 30% in Thailand, 20% in Sri Lanka and 10% in the Maldives.

The contribution of the FIVB will go primarily towards rebuilding schools and sporting infrastructures in disaster-stricken areas. UNDP has undertaken to present a six-monthly report to the FIVB on the projects' state of progress. © dil