Indonesia: UNJLC Bulletin No. 48 Indian Ocean Tsunami Operation


There has been a series of EARTHQUAKES near SUMATRA, in recent days. Reminder emails have been sent round to some UN agency staff on safety and evacuation procedures during an earthquake. Readers are advised to review their agency's SOPs to ensure preparedness for possible future emergencies.

Representatives of 27 Indian Ocean countries will meet in Canberra this week to work out details for a tsunami early warning system.


Nothing significant to report.


UNJLC is putting an initiative in place to alert all logisticians via email broadcast of any critical findings, assessments and feedback on matters which will affect logistics planning considerations. This initiative will be flashed as LOGISTICS BOTTLENECKS - ALERT. All agencies are encouraged to report any observations and/or feedback upon encountering any logistics bottlenecks to UNJLC via email: . The success of this initiative will be dependent on cooperation, communication and pooling of information.

Through Vietnam Veterans of America, UNJLC was represented with a special display "GIS for Disaster Management" at the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego. The current UNJLC GIS Specialist was in attendance.

- The GIS for Disaster Management display focused on the efforts of GIS users in the field by showcasing maps, images, screen shots, and lessons learned from the use of GIS technology in helping to manage disasters including, among others, the Indian Ocean tsunami, the Niigata, Japan earthquake, and the 2004 hurricane season.

- The ESRI International User Conference was attended by over 13,000 GIS users 25-29 July.

UNJLC assessment team has returned from their trip on 27 July 2005. The team has gathered data from every province in Sumatra, regarding:

- Fuel depot location and capacity

- Port database

- Airfield database

- Price for Construction Materials

- Private and Port Warehouses

- Main Supply Routes

Assessment reports are being compiled for circulation.

BAKORNAS (National Coordinating Board) has announced that the current BAKORNAS Secretariat will be converted into an agency with implementing/operations capability. Its new role, in addition to that of a coordination agency, will be an emergency first response team. The Presidential Degree establishing this conversion is still in draft form.

UNJLC reminds all humanitarian collaborators to submit Monthly Projection forms containing agency forecasts of logistics activities. Please submit forecasts for the month of September by August 15 to . Downloadable copies are available at . Remember that these forecasts do help in coordination of logistics activities.

4. Bilateral Support/CMCOORD/Transition to Civilian Operation

Nothing significant to report.


In the last two Bulletins of July 19 and 26, UNJLC published Aceh road conditions/assessment. This information is now available on the UNJLC website under Indian Ocean ? Infrastructure ? Roads along with some photos of road conditions. See for further information.

Further information from a 30 August 2005 UNJLC road assessment near Lamno:

On the west coast Lhong-Lamno road at a point 20 Km north of Lamno: UNJLC previously published reports of very difficult conditions due to flooding after high tides - passable only by 4x4 vehicles.

On 30 July eight 5-ton capacity IOM trucks carrying food supplies managed to pass through the sandy sections but relying on assistance from TNI equipment.

A TNI engineer on 1 August 2005 assessed the Lamno road as still unpassable by truck.

IFRC marked the west coast road's damaged areas with GPS:

- N 04"20. 383' E096"05.384' Damaged bridge

- N 04"19. 114' E096" 05.035' Road covered in water

- N 04"17. 419' E096"58.823' Flooded road

This road is currently under construction by TNI. Without further rain delays, it is expected to be completed on 3 August.

A bridge in Bakongan, Aceh Selatan on the route from Medan to Meulaboh has collapsed. Other reports indicate that the road is currently inaccessible to trucks. Updates on this road condition will be forthcoming.

Bailey Bridges donated by DFID: IOM has transported 4 bridges to Nias to replace key sections damaged or destroyed after the March 28 earthquake and 2 to Sinabang, Simeulue.

6. SEA

As of 20 July 2005 WFP began operating one LCT (instead of 2 previously): LCT Labitra Hanny. LCT Reulina finished its WFP contract and has returned to Jakarta.

WFP LCT Labitra Hanny is currently unloading cargo in Calang. Upon completion, it will transport food items (cooking oil, canned fish, noodles, rice) to Simeulue Island.

OM LCT schedule for August 2005, route Sibolga - Nias- Sibolga:

Voy No
05.08.05 23.00
06.08.05 2.00
06.08.05 16.00
06.08.05 19.00
07.08.05 4.00
07.08.05 12.00
08.08.05 2.00
08.08.05 5.00
08.08.05 19.00
08.08.05 22.00
09.08.05 12.00
09.08.05 15.00
10.08.05 5.00
10.08.05 8.00
10.08.05 22.00
11.08.05 1.00
11.08.05 15.00
11.08.05 18.00
12.08.05 8.00
12.08.05 11.00
13.08.05 1.00
13.08.05 4.00
13.08.05 19.00
13.08.05 22.00
14.08.05 12.00
14.08.05 15.00
15.08.05 5.00
15.08.05 8.00
15.08.05 22.00
16.08.05 1.00
16.08.05 15.00
16.08.05 18.00
17.08.05 8.00
17.08.05 11.00
18.08.05 1.00
18.08.05 4.00
18.08.05 18.00
18.08.05 21.00
19.08.05 11.00
19.08.05 14.00
20.08.05 4.00
20.08.05 7.00
20.08.05 21.00
20.08.05 24.00
21.08.05 14.00
21.08.05 17.00
22.08.05 7.00
22.08.05 10.00
22.08.05 24.00
23.08.05 3.00
23.08.05 17.00
23.08.05 20.00
24.08.05 10.00
24.08.05 13.00
25.08.05 3.00
25.08.05 6.00
25.08.05 20.00
25.08.05 23.00
26.08.05 13.00
26.08.05 16.00
27.08.05 6.00
27.08.05 9.00
27.08.05 23.00
28.08.05 2.00
28.08.05 16.00
28.08.05 19.00
29.08.05 9.00
29.08.05 12.00
30.08.05 2.00
30.08.05 5.00
30.08.05 19.00
30.08.05 22.00
31.08.05 12.00
- -
- -
- -

7. AIR

The handover of air operations from UNJLC to UNHAS reached completion on July 29. UNJLC will continue to publish UNHAS flight schedules, and Passenger and Cargo Procedures on the UNJLC website. UN Humanitarian Air Service users should watch the UNJLC Air Operations pages for any changes to procedures installed by UNHAS. UNJLC is pleased to have been able to service the humanitarian community during the emergency phase of the tsunami relief operations.

On 31 July 2005 UNHAS moved their office in Banda Aceh from the WFP compound to the military airport.

For the UNHAS August flight schedule please refer to flight schedule Version 12. For further detail please check the UNJLC website .


Nothing significant to report.



IOM's Materials Distribution Assessment/Projection form - Nias is available at any IOM office and may be downloaded from . The form is to be used by all agencies involved in the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction in Nias for the period September 2005 to June 2006. (The form may be adopted for other districts/areas' of materials distribution projection in the future.) Kindly complete these forms according to each organization's projected activity for Nias and return to the nearest IOM offices or email and copy UNJLC .


Nothing significant to report.


The weekly Banda Aceh Logistics Coordination meeting is held in the WFP meeting room, UN compound, Jl. Sudirman No 69 Tuesdays at 1600hrs.

PLEASE NOTE: UNJLC reports that only 5 participants attended the Banda Aceh Logistics Coordination meeting of July 26. UNJLC urge all logisticians to attend weekly as updates, observations, feedback and recommendations can be exchanged. UNJLC are also most glad to receive suggestions and feedback to make the meeting helpful and useful to all logisticians.

Please be informed that the next Humanitarian Coordination Meeting for SATKORLAK - UN - IGO -I/NGOs Coordination be held on Thursday, 4 August 05 10.00h Venue: KESBANGLITMAS Office Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 361 MEDAN