Indonesia – Sunda Strait Tsunami (DG ECHO, BNPB, OCHA, IFRC, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 23 December 2018)

On 22 December at 21:27 (UTC+7), undersea landslides likely caused by the Krakatoa volcano eruption triggered a tsunami which hit the coastal areas around Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra islands of Indonesia. The most affected areas include Carita Beach in Banten Province, as well as districts of Padenglang, South Lampung and Serang.

As of 23 December, Indonesia's disaster management agency and International media reported 222 fatalities, 843 injured, 30 missing, 446 houses damaged, 9 unit hotel damaged, 60 damaged food stall, 350 boats damaged. In addition, many vehicles were destroyed, and the highway between Serang and Pedenglang was cut off.

The immediate response to the disaster is ongoing and is coordinated by local authorities, namely National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB). Staff of the Ministry of Social Welfare and volunteers of National Red Cross (PMI) are also deployed.

ECHO partners, including OCHA and international NGOs are monitoring the situation and considering their own response to the situation. IFRC intends to issue a Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) operation by 25 December at the latest. The ERCC has activated the Copernicus Rapid mapping services and stay in close contact with the ECHO representatives in the region.