Indonesia – Sunda Strait Tsunami (Copernicus, TDRMC, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 4 January 2019)

Krakatoa volcano erupted again on 3 January, spewing steam and ashes. There are concerns that this may result in another tsunami similar to the 22 December tsunami which destroyed coastal areas of the Sunda Strait. The first images from the Copernicus emergency mapping service reveal that a large number of buildings were destroyed by the 22 December tsunami as do initial findings of the tsunami survey conducted by the Indonesian Syiah Kuala University. The team surveyed about 110 km coastline in Banten and 14 km of Southern Lampung. The highest flow depth was found at around Cipenyu Beach-Tanjung Lesung of Padeglang District, 6.6 m from the ground or 9.6 m from Mean Sea Level (tsunami height).